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Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Project (RasGas)
RasGas is Qatar's second LNG project. The Ras Laffan Liquefied Gas Company (RasGas) was established in 1993, the two major shareholders in the project are Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil.
Two onshore LNG trains have been constructed with the capacity to manufacture 6.6 million tonnes per year  (MMTPA) of LNG per year, together with 45,000 barrels per day of condensate and 300 tonnes per day of solid sulphur. The first train was completed in early 1999, the second train came onstream in April 2000.
Rasgas II project involves three new LNG Trains, output of 4.7 MMTPA each. The EPC contractor was CMS&A (Chiyoda-Snamprogetti JV) and the project was completed in 2005.
Then, two additional LNG trains, n°6 and n°7 have been decided and new offshore wells, the largest producing wells in the industry, have been drilled. Each train is designed to produce 7.8 MMTPA of liquefied natural gas, making them two of the world’s largest LNG trains. CTJV, a Joint Venture of Japan’s Chiyoda and France’s Technip, was EPC contractor for RasGas onshore projects trains 6 and 7. Train 6 started operations in 2009 and train 7 will follow.

Unidro and the RasGas Projects
Unidro is a qualified supplier of the different EPC JV’s members which include the Japanese Chiyoda Corporation, the Italian Snamprogetti and the French Technip and it has therefore been invited to quote from both JV’s  for water treatment packages required for RasGasII and RasGasIII Projects, succeeding in securing most of them.

Unidro Ion Exchange Filters at RasGas Site Unidro Remineralization Unit at RasGas Site

RasGas II
The first contract for two packages was awarded in December 2001, delivery was completed on schedule and the units have been successfully installed, commissioned, started-up.  When the contract for Train 5th train was released to the EPC JV, Unidro has been awarded an additional order for an expansion of the units. Finally, the following Unidro’s units are successfully operated in Rasgas II:
Waste Water Filters for reinjection
  Water Softener

Unidro Cartridge Filters and Multi Media Filters at RasGas Site

RasGas III
In early 2006 Unidro has been awarded all water treatment packages for Rasgas III project, which include:
Water Polishing Unit
Waste Water Filters for reinjection
Remineralisation of desalinated water for potable use
Sour gas Caustic scrubber

All units have been delivered on time, within Q1 2007, erection was completed and soon after all units have been successfully started-up.



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